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Gatadi Technologies Hiring Software Engineer|Freshers Jobs in Hyderabad

Any Graduate
Last Date to Apply: 25-10-2018
Software Engineer - Job Details Date of Posting: 15-10-2018


  • Graduate


Job Description : 

  • Developing the web based application using programming languages such as ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL, Javascript/Jquery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.
  • Creating and maintaining the ASP.NET based websites and their web applications as per the initial guidelines of the client.
  • Making changes to existing web applications according to the feedback received from the end users or clients. In some cases, changes are also made in order to update the application’s compatibility with the latest operating systems.
  • Preparing Documentation based on the project requirement.
  • Preferred Immediate Joinees.
  • Good Communication skills.

Note : Make a phone call to company before walkin

Mandatory Documents to be carried for Interview:

  • Copies of the Latest Resumes
  • Photo Identification Card ( E.g. Passport / driving license etc )
  • Photographs – 3
  • Latest Pay Slips (If Applicable)
  • Mark sheets – SSC/Intermediate /UG/PG
  • Recent Appraisal Letter (If Applicable)

Job Location:Hyderabad

Salary :Best in the Industry


Walk-in Details:

Walkin Date : 16-October-2018 To 27-October-2018

Walkin Time : 10AM-2PM

Walkin Venue :

Surya Towers, #104, 4th floor,

Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad – 500 003

Website :

Tel : +91-8008874600, 040-66886272

About Gatadi Technologies

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