Kerala PSC RCC Staff Nurse Previous Question Paper

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Kerala PSC RCC Staff Nurse Exam 2014
Kerala PSC RCC Staff Nurse Exam 2014 Details Date of Posting: 28-12-2018

Kerala PSC RCC Staff Nurse Exam 2014 Previous Question Paper

Kerala PSC RCC Staff Nurse Exam 2014 Old Question Papers. PSC job aspirants can be download RCC Staff Nurse Previous Paper.

Question Paper & Answer Key of RCC Staff Nurse Exam is given below.

1. Menstruation is inhibited by

Ans: progesterone

2. Epinephrine is secreted by

Ans: adrenal medulla

3. Shick test is done in

Ans: Diphtheria

4. Ascites due to liver cirrhosis is managed with the diuretic drug

Ans: Spironolactone

5. A drug used to reduce blood ammonia level to prevent hepatic encephalopathy

Ans: Lactulose

6. The most reliable physical assessment indicator of low oxygen in the blood

Ans: cyanosis of the oral mucosa or conjunctiva

7. Trendelenburg positon is not used in

Ans: Dyspnea

8. The anti tuberculosis drug that can damage the eighth cranial nerve

Ans: streptomycin

9. An antiplatlet drug given to patient with myocardial infraction

Ans: Aspirin

10. Insertion of a catheter into the renal pelvis by a percutaneous puncture is

Ans: nephrostomy

11. Tab.Digoxin should not be given when patient has

Ans: Bradycardia

12. A disease that can arise form normal bacterial flora, especially after prolonged antibiotic therapy

Ans: candidiasis

13. Blood transfusion reaction is

Ans: cytotoxic hypersensitivity

14. Blood flow in the upper extremity is assessed by;

Ans: Allen’s Test

15. Physical regulation of the body temperature by the loss of heat is

Ans: Thermolysis

16. The most common deficiency seen in alcoholics

Ans: Thiamine

17. A safe method of open the airway of an unconscious patient with suspected spinal cord injury

Ans: Jaw thrust method

18. ICN adopted the code of ethics in the year

Ans: 1973

19. Drugs used to decrease gastric motility are

Ans: anticholinergics

20. Koplik’s spots are seen in

Ans: rubeola

21. Kala azar is transmitted by

Ans: sand fly

22. An artificial method of giving fluid and nutrients through a tube passed the stomach through an opening in the abdominal wall is

Ans: gatrostomy feeding

23. A Foleys catheter operates by the principle of

Ans: osmosis

24. Temperature of water used for Sitz bath is

Ans: 110-115F

25. A suitable position of the patient for giving glycerin enema is

Ans: left lateral

26. Sewage purification takes place by the action of

Ans: anaerobic and aerobic organisms

27. The quantity of bleaching powder required to disinfect a well is

Ans: 5gm for 1000litres of water

28. When a patient develops decreased response to a drug requiring increased dosage to achieve the therapeutic effect is

Ans: Tolerance

29. Metabolic acidosis is corrected by giving

Ans: sodium bicarbonate

30. Screening and case finding methods to halt the progression of disease is focused under

Ans: Secondary prevention

31. The speech centre in the brain is

Ans: broca’s area

32. A peripheral vasodilator drug used to treat peripheral vascular occlusive disease

Ans: trental

33. An antidote used against organo phosphorous poisoning is

Ans: atropine

34. Inflammation of the veins and formation of a clot is

Ans: thrombophlebitis

35. Fertilization takes place in the ________ part of fallopian tube

Ans: ampula

36. Failure of menstrual blood to come out from genital tract is

Ans: Cryptomerrhoea

37. Timing of insertion of intrauterine device is

Ans: within 10 days of the beginning of menstruation

38. The nurse’s priority when caring for a 10 month old infant with meningitis is

Ans: maintaining adequate airway

39. The hormone responsible for the development of the ovum during the menstrual cycle

Ans: Follicle stimulating hormone(FSH)

40. The best TB control strategy under RNTCP is


41. After gastrectomy, the patient has to continue a drug life long is

Ans:Vit B12

42. Commonest causative organism of gas gangrene

Ans: clostridium

43. Hallmark finding in the ECG of acute MI include

Ans: Elevating of ST segment in the leads overlying the area of infant

44. The cardiac anomaly that produces a left to right shunt

Ans: ASD

45. The principal factor that causes vaginal PH to be acidic is

Ans: the action of the doderlein bacillus

46. Baby friendly hospital initiative is aimed at promoting

Ans: breast feeding

47. One of the best indicators of a nation’s health is

Ans: infant mortality rate

48. An exaggerated pathological fear of specific type of stimuli or situation

Ans: phobia

49. One of the major drug therapies for bipolar disorder is

Ans: lithium carbonate

50. Typical sign of trachea esophageal fistula is

Ans: continuous drooling of saliva

51. Poliomyelitis is transmitted by

Ans: Water

52. Coexistence of two opposing towards the same person at the same time

Ans: ambivalence

53. High doses of antibiotics can destroy the bacterial flora of the large intestine. This can result in impaired

Ans: blood coagulation

54. The following is the primary nursing objective in caring a child with sickle cell anemia in vaso occlusive crisis

Ans: managing pain

55. Which of the following is a first rank symptom in schizophrenia

Ans: Somatic passivity

56. Dyslexia is a specific disorder of

Ans: Learning

58. The most characteristic sign of a child with croup

Ans: barking cough

59. The cells of the pancreas which secrete insulin is

Ans: beta

60. Failure of the newborn to pass urine within the first 48 hours suggest

Ans: congenital defect

61. Low apgar score at 1 and 5 minutes are reliable markers for

Ans: need for resuscitation of newborn

62. Which is not an indication of amniocentesis

Ans: At 8 wks gestation for chromosomal study

63. The following is the best method for performing a physical examination on a toddler

Ans: From least to most intrusive

65. The following would be inappropriate when administering chemotherapy to a child

Ans: Observing the child for 10 minutes to note for signs of anaphylaxis

66. Fear of height is

Ans: acrophobia

67. The diuretic phase of burns begins

Ans: 48-72 hours

68. The health survey and development committee is

Ans: Bhore committee

69. Important health teaching for a patient with mitral valve replacement is

Ans: life long anticoagulant therapy

70. Typical symptom of Cushing’s syndrome include

Ans: Truncal obesity, thin extremity and moon face

71. The normal sound elicited by percussing over the liver would be

Ans: dullness

72. The best exercise the nurse should educate a patient with cystocele

Ans: Kegel’s exercise

73. The life span of an adult mosquito is

Ans: 2 weeks

74. Which of the following is not a psychiatric emergency

Ans: narcolepsy

75. An effective drug for filariasis

Ans: DEC

76. Birth weight of a baby double at

Ans: 6 months

77. For instilling ear drops to an infant, you will pull the pinna of the ear

Ans: back and downward

78. The absence of one or more testes from the scrotum is

Ans: cryptorchidism

79. Rabies is caused by

Ans: Lyssa virus

80. Ventriculo peritoneal shunt is the surgical management of

Ans: Hydrocephalus