Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade 2 Model Exam Question Papers

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Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade 2 Model Exam
Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade 2 Model Exam Details Date of Posting: 28-12-2018

Kerala PSC Previous Question Papers - Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade 2 Model Exam Questions and Answeres

Kerala Staff Nurse Grade 2 Model Exam Old Question Papers. Kerala PSC Job aspirants can be go through below Staff Nurse Grade 2 Model Exam questions and answers.

 Question Paper & Answer Key of Staff Nurse Grade 2 Model Exam is given below.

1.The branch of Biology which deals with the study of Inheritance





2.Deficiency of protein causes





3.The changes in the genetic material is defined as




(d)None of the above

4.Which of the following is the best source of vitamin A?





5……….. is the youngest of the formalised diciplines of natural science





6.Who coined the term vitamin?




(d)None of the above

7.M S Swaminathan belons to ……….. district of kerala




(d)none of the above

8.The branch of medicine that study of blood





9.The father of medicine is



(c)Louis Paster

(d)Rober Koch

10.Presence of Haemoglobin in blood is measured by

(a)Shali’s haemometer



(d)None of above

11.who discovered the blood circulation system of human body?

(a)Alexander fleming

(b)Edward jenner


(d)willliam harvey

12.Disease which are easily transmitted from one person to another




(d)None of above

13.Blood groups are discovered by


(b)Robert Koch

(c)William Harvey


14.Health is affected by


(b)Life style

(c)Genetic Disorders

(d)All of the above

15.Universal recipient blood group is

(a)Group O

(b)Group A

(c)Group AB

(d)None of the above

16.Among non infectious diseases …….. is the major cause of death





17.The important factors to maintain good health are

(a)Balanced diet

(b)Personal Hygiene


(d)All of the above

18.Anaemia due to deficiency of iron is

(a)Pernicious anaemia


(c)Nutritional anaemia

(d)None of above

19.The causative organism of typhoid fever

(a)Vibrio cholera

(b)Salmonella typhi



20.Universal donor blood group is

(a)Group O

(b)Group B

(c)Group A

(d)Group AB


1.a  2.c  3.b  4.a   5.c   6.b   7.a   8.d   9.b   10.a    11.d   12.c   13.a   14.d   15.c   16.b   17.d   18.c   19.b   20.a