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Kerala PSC Station Officer Trainee [Fire force]
Kerala PSC Station Officer Trainee [Fire force] Details Date of Posting: 08-10-2014

Kerala PSC Solved Questions – Station Officer Trainee [Fire force]

1. World‟s largest producer of coffee is:
(a) Chile (b) India
(c) Brazil (d) Sri Lanka

2. Fourteen Indian Banks were nationalized in
(a) 1963 (b) 1965
(c) 1970 (d) 1969

3. Who is known as the “Lion of Punjab”?
(a) Lala Lajapat Rai (b) Sardar Vallabhai Patel
(c) Charan Singh (d) C. R. Das

4. The Capital of Malaysia
(a) Manila (b) Bangkok
(c) Jakarta (d) Kuala Lumpur

5. The most corrupt Asian country in the world, as per the new corruption index is
(a) Sri Lanka (b) Indonesia
(c) Bangladesh (d) India

6. The official language of Syria
(a) Hebrew (b) Urdu
(c) Syriac (d) Arabic

7. The biggest exporter of food grains in the Asian Continent
(a) Myanmar (b) Philippines
(c) Malaysia (d) India

8. Which game is associated with Davis Cup?
(a) Cricket (b) Tennis
(c) Hockey (d) Badminton

9. Who was the first to win the Urvasi Award in Malayalam film?
(a) Sheela (b) Sarada
(c) Ragini (d) Jayabharathi

10. The last opportunity to avoid the partition of India was lost with the rejection of :
(a) Cripps Mission (b) Cabinet Mission
(c) Rajagopalachari formula (d) Wavell Plan

11. Open stunted forest with bushes and small trees having long roots and sharp thorns or spines are commonly found in
(a) Eastern Orissa (b) Western AndhraPradesh
(c) Siwalik and Terai region (d) North Eastern Tamilnadu

12. Who was the first Indian lady actress to receive the Padma Shri Award
(a) Nargis Dutt (b) Meenakumari
(c) Madhubala (d) Smitha Patil

13. Which one among the following is monogamous?
(a) Walrus (b) Seal
(c) Wolf (d) Deer

14. Five-Year Plan in India is finally approved by
(a) Union Cabinet (b) President on the advice of Prime Minister
(c) Planning Commission (d) National Development Council

15. Who has given the modem theory of utility?
(a) Bernoulli (b) Samuelson
(c) Pigon (d) None of these

16. Consider the following high yielding variety crops in India
1. Arjun 2. Jaya 3. Padma 4. Sonalika
Which of them are wheat?
(a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3
(c) 3 and4 (d) 1 and 4

17. In the Indian Constitution writ to Equality is granted by five Articles. They are
(a) Article 16 to Article 20 (b) Artide 15 to Article 19
(c) Article 14 to Article 18 (d) Article 13 to Article 17

18. Site for protein synthesis in a cell is
(a) Ribosome (b) Mitochondria
(c) Chromosome (d) Centromere

19. Bone marrow is important for
(a) Production of WBC‟s (b) Break down of WBC‟s
(c) Production of RBC‟s (d) Break down of RBC‟s

20. The vital centres of control of heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure are located in the
(a) Medulla (b) Pons
(c) Hypothalamus (d) Cerebellum

21. The radius of a sphere is increased by 50%. The percentage increase in surface area is
(a)325 (b) 150
(c) 125 (d) 225

22. The greatest value of sin x. cos x is
(a) l (b) ½
(c) ¼ (d) 2

23. Father is 5 years older than mother and mother‟s age is now thrice the daughter‟s age. If daughter is 10 years old now,
what was father‟s age when daughter was born?
(a) 20 (b) 25
(c) 26 (d) 30

24. The mean of 10 items is 17 and if each item is increased by 5 then its mean will be
(a) 22 (b) 17
(c) 85 (d) 67

25. A train of length 150 metres, moving at a speed of 90 km /hr. can cross a 200 metre bridge in
(a) 8 seconds (b) 14 seconds
(c) 6 seconds (d) 15 seconds

26. The angles of pentagon in degrees are a, a+20, a + 40, a + 60, a + 80.The smallest angle of the pentagon is
(a) 58° (b) 68°
(c) 78° (d) 88°

27. Which one of the following is correct?
(a) sec2 q = 1-tan2 q (b) Sin2 q = 1 + cos2q
(c) tanq.cotq = l. (d) None of these

28. The relationship between mean, median and mode for a moderately skew distribution is
(a) Mode =Median-2 Mean
(b) Mode=2 Median-Mean
(c) Mode=2 Median -3 Mean
(d) Mode=3 Median-2 Mean

29. If GONE is written as ILPB, CRIB may be written as
(a) EYKO (b) EUKY
(c) EYUK (d) EOKY

30. If 74683 means GREAT, 7684 means
(a) GAER (b) HEAR
(c) GEAR (d) REAG

31. IF CA=31, GE=75, FH=
(a) 67 (b) 76
(c) 78 (d) 68

In questions 32 and 33, find out the missing term:
32. 7, 13,21, ….,43,57
(a) 27 (b) 31
(c) 29 (d) 35

33. 99, 98, 94, 85, 69, 44,…
(a) 4 (b) 9
(c) 8 (d) 12
Three terms are given. There is a relationship between the first two terms. Select a term that expresses similar relationship with the third term from the given alternatives.

34. CEBD: GIFH::OQNP :: ….
(a) SRUT (b) RUST
(c) SURT (d) USRT

35. 11:13::31:….
(a) 34 (b) 35
(c) 39 (d)33

36. Cat:Kitten::Horse :: ….
(a) Kid (b) Cub
(c) Foal (d) Colt

37. Bees; a swarm:: lions:: ….
(a) A herd (b) A flock
(c) A pride (d) A pack

Find the one which does not belong to the group

38 (a) Elevator (b) Typewriter (c) Cooker (d) Writer

39. (a) Train (b) Tram (c) Plane (d) Car

40. (a) Robert Browning (b) Alexander Fleming
(c) Mathew Arnold (d) Thomas Gray

41. SARS, a typical form of pneumonia, came to public attention with the first case being detected in
(a) Singapore (b) Hong Kong
(c) Beijing (d) Taiwan

42. The present Union Law Minister
(a) T. R. Baalu (b) Arun Shourie
(c) Mr. Varma (d) Arun Jaitley

43. The hero of the novel”Pride and Prejudice”
(a) Michael Henchard (b) Charles Bingley
(c) Abel (d) Charles Darnay

44. Which country did Pakistan defeat by eight wickets to annex the Cherry Blossom Sharja Cup 2003
(a) Zimbabwe (b) Sri Lanka
(c) West Indies (d) New Zealand

45. The present Governor of Jammu and Kashmir
(a) Lt. Gen. (Retd) S. K. Sinha (b) Kailashpati Mishra
(c) Ram Prakash Gupta (d) Nirmal Chandra Jain

46. The first city in India to have eight digit phone number is
(a) Delhi (b) Mumbai
(c) Chennai (d) Bangalore

47. The peace talks between Sri Lankan Government and LTTE militants were facilitated by the efforts of
(a) lndia (b) Norway
(c) Sweden (d) Germany

48. World AIDS day is observed on
(a) 1st December (b) 10th October
(c) 12th January (d) 15th January

49. National game of Russia
(a) Cricket (b) Basket ball
(c) Badminton (d) Chess

50. Arjuna Award is given for excellence in
(a) Music (b) Dance
(c) Sports (d) Film

51. Cuba is situated in
(a) Arabian sea (b) Caribbean Sea
(c) Atlantic (d) Black Sea

52. Sahara Desert is situated in
(a) North Africa (b) South Africa
(c) West Africa (d) Canada

53. India set up the Planning Commission in
(a) 1947 (b) 1948
(c) 1950 (d) 1953

54. Which is not associated with the Football?
(a) Durand Cup (b) Federation Cup
(c) DCM Trophy (d) Walker Cup

55. Who appoints the State Election Commissioner?
(a) Governor (b) Chief Justice
(c) President (d) Prime Minister

56. The first College in Kerala was set up at
(a) Trivandrum (b) Kottayam
(c) Thrissur (d) Ernakulam

57. U.N. Day is observed on
(a) December 4 (b) September 5
(c) October 24 (d) October 10

58. Who is known as Vilasini?
(a) Kutti Krishna Marar (b) M. K. Menon
(c) P. C Kutti krishnan (d) Malayatoor Ramakrishnan

59. The study of animal behaviour is called
(a) Ethics (b) Ethology
(c) Calligraphy (d) Cytology

60. Who is known as Sanjayan?
(a) Vakkom Mohammed Basheer (b) Manikkoth Ramunni Nair
(c) O.V. Vijayan (d) K. Narayanan Nampoothiri

61. The word opposite in meaning to the word “Seclusion”
(a) Privacy (b) Isolation
(c) Solitude (d) Sociality

62. The word opposite in meaning to the word “Vindication”
(a) Justification (b) Exoneration
(c) Accusation (d) Support

63. The word opposite in meaning to the word “Diligence”
(a) Laziness (b) Industry
(c) Assiduity (d) Activity

64. Choose the word which is nearest in meaning to the keyword “Nadir”
(a) Difficult obstacle (b) Lowest point
(c) Anniversary (d) Large number

65. Choose the word which is nearest in meaning to the keyword „„Charisma‟‟
(a) Candour (b) Enormous excitement
(c) Fraudulent use of power (d) Magnetic appeal

66. The word wrong in spelling among the following
(a) Caravan (b) Catastrophy
(c) Cognisant (d) Consequence

67. The word wrong in spelling among the following
(a) Hurricain (b) Misanthrope
(c) Obesity (d) Panacea

Choose the grammatically correct sentence from the given alternatives
68. (a) I, you and Kishore will stay together
(b) You I and Kishore will stay together
(c) You, Kishore and I will stay together
(d) I, you and Kishore will staying together

69. (a) I saw him this morning
(b) I saw him in this morning
(c)I saw him on this morning
(d) I saw him at this morning

70. Which of the following is the question tag for, “None of the workmen arrived in time,….?
(a) Didn‟t they (b) Did they
(c) Weren‟t they (d) Were they

71. “They will have to examine you tomorrow”. Change the voice
(a) You will have been examined tomorrow by them
(b) You will have to be examined tomorrow
(c) You will have to examine tomorrow by them.
(d) None of the above

Read the passage and select the most suitable sentence from the alternatives logically and language wise
72. Henry‟s interview ought to have begun at eleven, but the librarian was on the phone when Henry was shown into his office
(a) Henry sat down in one of the arm chairs near the windows and waited
(b) Henry got impatient and left without giving the interview
(c) Henry left the room and waited in the hall outside waiting for the librarian to call him
(d) He took out a novel and started reading, whistling to himself

73. Mankind‟s most valuable treasure of thoughts is carefully preserved in the golden casket of books. All this rich source of knowledge, inspiration and guidance is with in the easy reach of those with care to be a little hard working and studious, and who understand the methods which yield the rich harvest of fruitful ideas
(a) People should buy more magazines
(b) Books have become obsolete
(c) All efforts should be made to promote the reading habit
(d) There are a large number of literate/illiterate people

(Questions 74 to 80, select the correct word/words from the alternatives to fill in the blank space)
74. This drink is made … fresh fruit and sugar
(a) from (b) of (c) in (d) with

75. The African elephant is confined … Central Africa as they have moved away …. other places.
(a) in, from (b) to, from (c) within, out (d) to, out

76. Camels are peculiarly adapted ….life in the desert. They move .. .the desert regions most of the time.
(a) for, within (b) to, in (c) to, within (d) by, around

77. If you had helped him, he … his work
(a) could complete (b) could have completed
(c) completed (d) None of the above

78. I….. to him yesterday
(a) have written (b) had written
(c) wrote (d) write

79. Rima is the heroine of the novel “Green Mansions” written by
(a) Lewis Carrol (b) Thomas Hardy
(c) A.J. Cronin (d) W.H. Hudson

80. The proverb “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” is quoted from
(a) P.B. Shelley (b) Alexander Pope
(c) John Keats (d) Francis Bacon

81. Plants are made disease resistant with
(a) Crossing them with wild relatives (b) Crossing them with new varieties
(c) Propagating them with negative means
(d) Giving X-rays in restricted doses

82. The half-life of Radium is 1600 years. The fraction of a sample of radium that would remain after 6400 years is
(a) ¼ (b) ½
(c) 1/8 (d) 1/16

83. Specific resistance of a wire
(a) Varies with length (b) Varies with mass
(c) Varies with cross-section
(d) Does not vary with length, cross-section and mass

84. Skating on ice is possible because of phenomenon of
(a) Friction (b) Regelation
(c) Sublimation (d) Latent heat of fusion of ice

85. A magnet of pole strength m is divide into four equal parts so that the length as well as the breadth of each part is half of the original magnet. Then pole strength of each part is
(a) m/4 (b) 4 m.
(c) m/2 (d) 2m.

86. Which among the following is “Glauber‟s salt”?
(a) K2S O4 (b) Na2SO4.10 H2O
(c) FeSO4. 7H2O. (d) MgCO3.CaCO3.2H2O

87. Which among the following is not an element?
(a) Diamond (b) Marble
(c) Graphite (d) Mercury

88. The common used gas in our refrigerator is
(a) Marsh gas (b) Water gas
(c) Freon (d) Producer gas

89. What is deficit financing
(a) When there is a loss (b) When heavy taxes are imposed
(c) A deliberate excess of expenditure over income
(d) None of these

90. In a capitalistic economy there is
(a) Maximum production
(b) Full employment
(c) Efficient use of re sources
(d) None of these

91. The rule of East India Company came to an end in
(a) 1856 (b) 1857
(c) 1858 (d) 1859

92. ICICI is meant for
(a) Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
(b) Indian Council for Industrial Corporation and Information
(c) Industrial Corporation of India and Central Investment
(d) Indian Corporation for Industry, Commerce and Information

93. Trypanosoma causes the disease known as
(a) Malaria (b) Kala Azar
(c) Sleeping sickness (d) Yellow fever

94. The Nobel Prize for artificial synthesis of gene was awarded to
(a) Nirenberg (b) Ochoa
(c) Khorana (d) Kornberg

95. The parallel of 23 ½o north is called
(a) Tropic of Capricorn (b) Antarctic circle
(c) Tropic of Cancer (d) Arctic circle

96. Mariner‟s compass was invented by
(a) Egyptians (b) Chinese
(c) Mesopotamians (d) Phoenicians

97. The name of Plato‟s famous book is
(a) The Republic (b) The Prince
(c) Social Contract (d) Oedipus Rex

98. Balmer‟s series in emission spectrum of hydrogen atom lie in the
(a) Visible region (b) Infrared region
(c) Ultra violet region (d) Violet region

99. The law governing the force between electrical charge is given by the following name
(a) Gauss (b) Laplace
(c) Kirchoffs (d) Coulomb

100. The colour of star is an identificaton of
(a) Size (b) distance
(c) weight (d) Temperature
Station Officer Trainee (Fire Force)

1.(c) 2.(d) 3.(a) 4.(d) 5.(b)
6.(d) 7.(b) 8.(b) 9.(b) 10.(b)
11.(c) 12.(a) 13.(a) 14.(d) 15.(b)
16.(d) 17.(c) 18.(a) 19.(c) 20.(a)
21.(d) 22.(a) 23.(b) 24.(a) 25.(b)
26.(b) 27. (c) 28.(d) 29.(d) 30.(c)
31.(d) 32.(b) 33.(c) 34.(c) 35.(d)
36.(d) 37.(c) 38.(d) 39.(c) 40.(b)
41.(c) 42. N/A 43. N/A. 44.(a) 45. N/A
46.(a) 47.(b) 48.(a) 49.(d) 50.(c)
51.(b) 52.(a) 53. (c) 54.(d) 55.(a)
56.(b) 57.(c) 58.(b) 59.(b) 60.(b)
61. (d) 62.(c) 63.(a) 64.(b) 65.(d)
66.(b) 67.(a) 68.(c) 69. (a) 70.(b)
71.(b) 72.(c) 73.(c) 74.(b) 75.(b)
76.(a) 77. (b) 78.(c) 79.(d) 80.(b)
81.(a) 82.(d) 83.(c) 84.(a) 85. (c)
86.(b) 87.(b) 88.(c) 89.(c) 90.(a)
91.(c) 92.(a) 93. (c) 94.(c) 95.(c)
96.(d) 97.(a) 98.(a) 99.(d) 100. (d)